1. We have launched research, development, production and marketing planning of Japanfs first health food with the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century with the cooperation of the professors of Tokyo University and Harvard University, making the group consisting of doctors, masters, excellent engineers and etc.
The integration of nanotechnology, biotechnology and IT allows for the development of new products for the human medical health business growth, where we are offering photocatalytic, antibacterial or negative ion materials and more.
Please contact us with any questions for further assistance.
2. Other Contents of Work
1) Research on the activation of the brain cells
2) Development of cancer cell-inhibiting foods
3) Adult disease research and health food development
4) Oriental medicine research and Chinese medicine development
5) Research and paper publication in advanced medicine
6) Transaction management of finished or semifinished products of health foods, cosmetics and Chinese medicine materials

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